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Anyone with a valid netId can create a project space on this wiki or on the issue tracker.

You can view any issues associated with the Wiki in the issue tracker
You can view any issues associated with the Issue Tracker in the issue tracker

For more information, please see the documentation in the following spaces: (You must be logged in to see them)

  • Wiki Information
  • Issue Tracker Information



Here are the steps needed to get your own project space:

  • Log into the Apply system with your netId and password
  • Click on Account Maintenance on the right menu
  • Click on Project Management on the right menu
  • Enter your project information into the form and submit the data
  • Your project will be created within a couple of hours (unless there is some problem with the create scripts)
  • Project creations start every 30 minutes, on the hour and half-hour.

This new campus wiki, 9rmx9s.wcbzw.com, has taken the name of a previous wiki available here at Rice. If you wish to get to the old wiki data you can see it at http://old9rmx9s.wcbzw.com.

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